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Transindo USA, Inc.: About

 Transindo USA, Inc

Transindo USA is a trading company based in Pomona, California. We import various products from China, Indonesia, Malaysia to worldwide. In 1996, we started importing plywood in variety of sizes, thickness, grade, glue, and species: Meranti, Birch, Okume, Lumber core; therefore, Transindo USA products have grown to a full line building materials distributor serving the lumber dealer, industrial, and factory built housing, and RV markets.

In 2010, Transindo USA launched our Food Agriculture division by providing the best food commodities such as juice concentrate. in times of global challenge, food quality and constant innovations are primary concerns. Our clear and cloudy concentrates, pulps and purees help you achieve transparent, crystal-clear and color-intense products that make your range stand out against any competitor.

Transindo USA concept is to run an efficient, responsive, and customer driven operation offering the best possible prices supported by exemplary customer service. Please contact us to become an exclusive customer of the Transindo USA products family.

Our Mission :

- To be truthful and fair with our employees, suppliers, and customers
- To provide strong value-added services to our customers & a good quality product
- Always looking for new places where we can make a difference for a better future with our customers, suppliers, employees
- To develop products which meet and exceed customers expectations
- To be creative in our business model and product lines